Ship Code Fast

Drone is a Continuous Delivery platform that helps your organization optimize and automate software delivery.

Version Control Support

Drone seamlessly integrates with popular source code management systems, including GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket and more.

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Configuration as Code

Pipelines are defined as a declarative configuration file that you commit to your repository. The syntax is a superset of the popular docker-compose yaml specification.

    image: node
      - npm install
      - npm test
    image: golang
      - go test -v
      - go install

    image: mysql

Container Native

Pipelines are executed inside containers and isolated from the host machine. Images are downloaded automatically; no manual installs or upgrades necessary.

Language Support

Drone works with virtually any language or software that runs inside a container. Use any Docker image from any Docker registry.

Plugins for Everything

Hundreds of community plugins are available to automate tasks and integrate with third party systems. See a partial list of plugins at the Plugin Marketplace or create your own.

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