Cloud Edition

Drone Cloud is a fully managed cloud solution. Our experts handle the setup, security and operations of your build environment so you don't have to.


14 day free trial
Unlimited Repositories
Unlimited Builds
Unlimited Agents
Professional Support
Seats are sold in packs of 10 users and are billed monthly.
What is the Drone Cloud?

Drone Cloud is a fully managed cloud solution. Our experts handle the setup, security and operations of your Drone server and database.

Once your Drone Cloud environment is ready, you can connect one or more build agents. Each build agent is responsible for executing a single build. You may provision an unlimited number of self-hosted agents, running on your own infrastructure, at no additional cost.

What are agents?

An agent is installable software that runs one or more build pipelines. An agent is installed on a dedicated instance and polls the remote Drone server for pending builds. You will need at least one agent. As you add more code and people, you'll eventually need more agents.

What are managed agents?

When you use a managed agent, we provision the agent server(s) and take care of the maintenance and upgrades. For many teams this is the simplest way to get started. Pricing for managed agents starts at $75.00 / month.

What are self-hosted agents?

An agent that you set up and manage on your own infrastructure is a self-hosted agent. Self-hosted agents can run on any public or private cloud, and on any instance size. You can connect an unlimited number of agents to your managed Drone server.

How is this different from Drone Enterprise?

The Drone Enterprise Edition is our on-premise version of Drone, which you deploy and manage in your own environment. All data is stored on machines that you control.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit or debit cards including MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network, American Express, and Diners Club.

How do I request a refund?

Please contact our sales team to request a refund.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please contact our sales team to cancel your subscription. Your subscription will be terminated at the end of the current billing cycle.

Do your have a free option?

We do not have a free option at this time. If cost is a concern, you have the option to download and install the open source edition of Drone on your own servers.